“Do it yourself” Package


  • Hybrid Nile tilapia or red tilapia swim-up fry for D.I.Y. sex reversal
  • Size: 0.9 – 1.1 g / 100 fish

Export price

No. purchasedPrice in Thai bahtPrice in $US for 100 fish
30,000 – 50,0000.240.290.800.97
50,000 – 100,0000.220.270.730.90
100,000 – 200,0000.210.260.700.87
> 200,0000.200.250.670.83

Packing & transport not included.
Minimum purchase quantity: 30,000 fish/order (equivalent to a 5 m2 hapa requiring 4.9 kg of feed).
This price is effective since January 2021 until future notice.
The price in $US is an estimate based on an exchange rate of 30 THB/USD

Please note:

The prices quoted above are for use of swim-up fry as part of a sex reversal “do-it-youself” kit and not for growing as broodfish. Only hybrid stock will be provided, unless the broodstock fee is paid for a particular strain.