• Nile tilapia or red tilapia swim-up fry from specific lines for rearing as broodstock.
  • Size: 0.9 – 1.1 g / 100 fish

Export price

SpeciesStrainsBroodstock feePrice/1,000 swim up fry
Nile tilapiaGIFT40,0001,333.331605.33
Big Nin60,0002,000.001605.33
Mag Nin60,0002,000.001605.33
Red tilapiaTaiwanese60,0002,000.002107.00
Thai red60,0002,000.002107.00
R2 red80,0002,666.672107.00

Packing & transport not included.
This price is effective since January 2021 until future notice.
The price in $US is an estimate based on an exchange rate of 30 THB/USD